A Week In Phoenix Is Yielding Results

My two older sisters live in the suburbs of Phoenix, which explains why its so easy for me to see as many Spring Training and Arizona Fall League Games as I do. The Phoenix area is ringed with superb baseball facilities and stadiums, and the sisters live near many of

Planning A Fundraiser For Bryan Stow

I’m lucky. I’m surrounded by a cadre of kind-hearted baseball fans here in the San Francisco Bay Area who care deeply for and are supportive of Bryan Stow, the San Francisco Giants fan who was beaten on Opening Night 2011 in a dimly lit, remote Dodger Stadium parking lot. A

National League ~ 2013 Predictions

It will be fun to see how the National League teams shake out in the upcoming season. There are a number of compelling stories that will unfold, an opportunity for a team to settle a score with an old foe and a chance to see whether those teams that set

American League ~ 2013 Predictions

The season is a day or two away and with it comes my annual exercise in futility, the predicted order of finish of the clubs. A lot can change over the next six months, including injuries, call ups of promising rookies, fire sales by those clubs already out of the

I Meet The 1962 New York Mets

My first romance started the instant the 1962 New York Mets took the field, when it appeared as if the team had gotten everything right. At the behest of Mets Team President George Weiss, the franchise settled on the colors of the teams it replaced, Brooklyn Dodgers blue and New

I Meet The 1961 New York Yankees

It was during the 1961 season that I arrived at my present state of baseball consciousness. That was the year the American League expanded from eight teams to ten, and many of the league’s hitters feasted on the diluted pitching caused by the presence of around twenty pitchers who weren’t

The Lenny Green Card Is Almost Home

I’ve made some progress and now believe the 50th Anniversary, 1963 Topps Lenny Green card will be in his hands soon. When I last wrote about this project, I had just sent an email to the Major League Baseball Players Association (MLBPA) to see if a staff member there could


Julio’s Pork Sandwich Athletics Game

Not too long ago I sat down with my neighbor and fellow baseball crony, Julio. He’s an Oakland Athletics fan born and raised, and to this day remains the real deal. I asked him to look back at his experiences at the Oakland Coliseum and share one of them. He

A Baseball Fan’s Superbowl Sunday II

It’s an annual dilemma. What do I do while the rest of the country watches football? The first decisions are easy, and in short order I’m up, out of bed, showered, shaved and ready to get dressed. Because I live in San Francisco and my t-shirt color of the day

Update On The Lenny Green Baseball Card

My efforts to return the 1963 Topps 50th Anniversary baseball card of Lenny Green, who appears on the left in a photo from his playing days, continue. The other day I spoke with a member of the Minnesota Twins Community Relations Department who wanted to assist but didn’t have his