Our Bryan Stow Events Plans

A Heartbreaking Turn Of Events: On Thursday, March 31, 2011, after the season-opening game between the Dodgers and the San Francisco Giants in Los Angeles, Bryan Stow, a father, husband, paramedic and Giants fan wearing his orange and black colors, was viciously beaten by two men dressed in Dodger royal blue and white in a distant parking lot outside Dodger stadium. A reaction of universal condemnation was immediate, with fans of other teams elsewhere showed their support.

A Larger Community: This support makes a great deal of sense. Although fans root for different teams, they are more alike than they may realize. Regardless of team, all fans are deeply committed to theirs. What happened to Bryan Stow could have happened to any one of us. Bryan Stow is any fan, in any city, rooting for any team and wearing its colors that happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. He is part of a larger baseball community. He’s your Dad, brother, husband, friend, you or me. He’s family. Bryan Stow is part of Baseball Nation.

Taking Action: I live in San Francisco and am a member of Bryan’s Brigade, a group of people who support and encourage Bryan in his recovery. They are the most kind-hearted and loving group of people I have had the privilege of knowing in my life. A short time ago a group of us got to talking and decided to assist Bryan in a tangible way. But what to do?

Clarifying Our Mission: We decided to present a series of events whose purpose is multifaceted. We want to ensure people are aware that Bryan’s recovery is an ongoing process, fraught with stops and starts, progress and setbacks, hopes and frustrations. Secondly, we would like to raise funds to assist with the cost of his care. Next, we will direct our efforts to prevent future vicious beatings between rival sports fans, especially by working in conjunction with organizations that help others, especially children, learn to resolve their differences in an amicable manner.

Step Right Up: I attended some of the Mets and Giants games at AT+T Park that were played in July, 2013. I brought the placard you see below, where I stand with Giants mascot Lou Seal, which was meant for Mets fans. Within minutes of arriving for the first game, Baseball Nation showed up and asked to sign it. I quickly realized the placard should have said “The Universe Supports Bryan Stow” as a queue of fans of the Giants, Mets, Brewers, Twins, Cardinals, Braves, Dodgers, Athletics, ushers, vendors, and drunks lined up to express their best sentiments. Bryan Stow Placard

 Breakthrough: I showed up very early to the last game of the series where the placard caught the eye of Comcast Sportsnet Bay Area Journalist Casey Pratt. He asked if he could interview me and the resulting video presentation and accompanying article can be acessed at this link:


Fan Interest: Between my presence at the ballpark and the above presentation, many people stepped up to volunteer their services. As a result, we now have South Bay and San Francisco Organizing Teams. We will follow the below road map when our teams begin meeting in early September:

The Fine Print: We will obtain 501(c) status; to direct the funds we raise to assist Bryan and the Stow Family with the cost of medical care, physical therapy, educational efforts and other necessities. Timetable: NOW.

Our First Event: We’ll start off with a small event. Youngsters, and many adults, enjoy getting baseball cards of their heroes. Imagine a large wheel, just like the one used in the TV quiz show “Wheel of Fortune.” A moderate fee, every penny of which goes to assist Bryan and the Stow Family, will enable fans to spin the wheel. The wheel will have a different Giants player’s name written on each sliver. Each person who participates will receive a card of the player named on whatever sliver the wheel stops on. We have already accumulated over 6,000 Giants baseball cards. Timetable: Fanfest 2014. Location: As close to AT+T Park as we can get, and hopefully, in it.    

Our Second Event: After the inaugural event, a much larger one will be held. It will meaningful, safe, appropriate and fun to attend. It will include activities for children, a silent auction of countless items both Giants and otherwise, and include an educational component to spread our message of mutual acceptance and respect in conjunction with one of our partners, “Fans Against Violence.” The baseball card wheel will be present, and other opportunities to get Giants cards will be introduced including “Pick a Posey” and “Giants Card Draw.” We will have something for all ages, budgets and interest in baseball or otherwise. Timetable + location: To be determined.

Reaching Out:  A brief summary of our plans was requested by several members of groups that provide moral support to Bryan and the Stow Family, hence this blog post. We welcome any thoughts or suggestions you would like to offer. You may reach us at grubbyglove@gmail.com. Thank you for your interest. Stay tuned.


3 Comments on "Our Bryan Stow Events Plans"

  1. Johanna Petersen says:

    Your ideas of ways to education people for better behavior are important. Also maybe the police, or a combination of police and volunteers from the community should agree to monitor baseball parking lots so violent behavior is stopped.

    Good luck to you in your endeavors to improve people’s behavior!

  2. Michael, I have something I truly need to discuss with you. 702-768-0667.

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