Baseball Card Pack Choices

I recently went to a local shopping center with the goal of buying one of each type of 2017 Topps packs that I could find. I was curious about the varying baseball card delivery systems that Topps has devised, what each one cost, what types of cards they contained and


Baseball Cards 101: Topps

Topps is the General Motors of the baseball card business. Just like General Motors produces cars and trucks under a variety of brands, such as Cadillac, Chevrolet, GMC and Buick, so too does Topps with its baseball cards. The number of brands that Topps issues is dizzying, and I frequently


2012 Topps Heritage High-Number Set

This is the first year I can recall that Topps brought out a high-number (or update) set for its annual Heritage issue. The good news here is that Topps has listened to its customers and issued this long sought after prize. I was especially excited when I learned of its


The Topps Giveaway That Keeps On Giving

Looking at the cards I won as a result of participating in last season’s Topps Diamond Giveaway is good fun. In my last post I wrote about five of them. They were Clay Dalrymple (1962), Mike Schmidt (1988), Ryne Sandberg (1987), Tom Seaver (2011 Diamond Deeds) and Reggie Jackson (1987).