Where’s Grubby Glove? Here I Am!

A short time ago one of my baseball cronies asked me where Grubby Glove had been hiding, and I must confess, he had a valid question. When I gave the question some thought, I realized I’ve been in plain sight, albeit in a related arena, all along. My off-season, baseball


Remembering Shea Stadium

I just published a “guest” blog post at “C70 At The Bat” for my friend, Missouri resident and and Cardinals fan, Daniel “Champ” Shoptaw, who is on holiday for two weeks and has asked a number of bloggers to keep his blog active while he is camping. I was honored

A Topps Giveaway That Worked!

Topps Company has been tempting its customers with giveaways for a long time. The offers come to you in packs in the form of insert cards, each promising this, that or the other. I found the one you see on the left on the internet. It’s from1986, a mere twenty-six

Opening Days Over The Years…

I’m always excited about Opening Day. It’s like a holiday gift, the first tangible evidence that another long march to the World Series has begun. Who will win it all this season? What rookies will emerge? Who will have a breakout year? Which manager will be the first to be

Tom Seaver – 1977 Topps # 150

We see Tom Seaver’s 1977 Topps card just below. I like the photograph and the simplicity of the team’s uniform. It was the last card issued during his initial tenure with the team. How his banishment to the Cincinnati Reds unfolded has been told too many times to be repeated