Rough Weekend For The Yankees… And Me!

Weekends like this one are a lot like those periodic bad hands you get when you’re playing cards. You play it as best you can, all the while thinking the deck’s got it in for you, then tuck the memory into your rear view mirror and get on with it.

My First Game of the Season

My friend Bruce couldn’t use his ticket to the A’s versus Tigers game at the Oakland Coliseum this past Saturday night, and gave it to me instead. The ride on BART was uneventful, and I even got a Bob Melvin Bobblehead on my way into the ballpark. After a Louisiana

Julio’s Pork Sandwich Athletics Game

Not too long ago I sat down with my neighbor and fellow baseball crony, Julio. He’s an Oakland Athletics fan born and raised, and to this day remains the real deal. I asked him to look back at his experiences at the Oakland Coliseum and share one of them. He

Play Ball! Mariners Win Season Opener In Japan

The Seattle Mariners and the Oakland Athletics raised the curtain on the 2012 Major League Baseball season in Tokyo, Japan this morning, in a well-played, extra-inning game that saw the Mariners prevail by a score of 3 to 1. A Tokyo Dome crowd of 44,000+ came to see their favorite

Oakland A’s Fanfest

I recently enjoyed a bright, shiny and optimistic Sunday with thousands of Oakland A’s fans who participated in the organization’s 2012 Fanfest. I had a terrific time, rubbed elbows with two of the most popular members of the Oakland baseball community, heard some interesting team news, listened to some frustrated