Citi Field – New Friends

Going to the Mets Game: On Friday evening, September 9, 2011, I headed to Citi Field to meet Barry, Cathy and their son Matt and to see the Mets beat the Cubs. I’m taking the train from Long Island. I’m thinking I’ll get off the LIRR at Woodside, walk upstairs where I can transfer

Citi Field – Welcome Home – Part 2

Here We Go! I’m in luck. Left-hander Chris Capuano is on the mound for the Metropolitans. It wasn’t too long ago that he threw a two-hit, fourteen-strikeout gem against the Atlanta Braves, who are a very good club. If he can handle them, he should be able to handle a

Citi Field – Welcome Home – Part 1

For a variety of reasons, not the least of which is that I live in San Francisco, I haven’t seen the Mets play at home in twenty-two years. But on Wednesday, August 31st, I finally saw the Mets play at Citi Field, where they defeated the Florida Marlins by a