The Boston Red Sox

When I look at a team’s chances, I usually start with the pitchers and then work my way out. Not so with this edition of the Boston Red Sox. Without taking anything away from the pitching staff, which looks good, I’m going to kick things off with the outfield, and

Recalling Game 6 ~ Lots Of Them!

As I sit down to write this post tonight’s World Series Game 6 between the St. Louis Cardinals and the Boston Red Sox is just getting underway. Boston pitcher John Lackey has retired the side in the top of the first without incident. Cardinals rookie Michael Wacha has taken the

The 2013 Fall Classic Is Here!

I’m excited about the upcoming World Series for a variety of reasons. It features the St. Louis Cardinals of the National League versus the American League’s Boston Red Sox, and I like both teams. There are great pitchers, outstanding relievers, long-ball hitters, well-schooled managers and rabid fan bases, so all

What’s Wrong With This Card Solved – Lou Brock

The solution to “What’s Wrong With This Card # 3” eluded many readers. After initial, partially-correct answers, my friends Barry & Gary, of the outstanding Mets Musings Podcast, came up with the solution. This card wasn’t issued by Topps. It was put together by a fan of baseball cards. In short, the

What’s Wrong With This Card – Lou Brock

First, the card. This Lou Brock issue is among the sharpest 1971 Topps cards I’ve ever seen. Every collector I know has it in for baseball cards with black borders. Any nick, scrape, ding or crease is there for all to see, sabotaging the card’s appearance and value. Among the