Topps Now

Last season Topps started a new service that has caught on with a small segment of the collecting community. Significant on-field player accomplishments are captured on a baseball card that is available on line at the Topps website for twenty-four hours only. Topps then prints the exact number ordered for


You OUT! The 1979 Oakland Athletics

From time to time a combination of factors conspire to undermine a team’s play. Poor hitting. Sloppy fielding. Weak pitching. Minimal support from ownership. Such was the case for the 1979 Oakland A’s.


Checking In With Julio

When we last checked in with our teammate Julio, he was living in the San Francisco Bay Area and rooting for the Oakland A’s. Although he still pulls for the A’s, he’s now a Pirates fan. How did that happen? I’ll let Julio explain:

My First Game of the Season

My friend Bruce couldn’t use his ticket to the A’s versus Tigers game at the Oakland Coliseum this past Saturday night, and gave it to me instead. The ride on BART was uneventful, and I even got a Bob Melvin Bobblehead on my way into the ballpark. After a Louisiana

The Tristar Show Is In The Books

By the time it was over I was pretty tired. It takes a lot of energy to look through thousands of cards over the course of three days. I’m looking for cards for myself and for my baseball card trading friends, but I’m also a collector committed to completing a


The Annual Tristar Show Is Almost Here!

The biggest baseball card show of the year in the San Francisco Bay Area is on deck. Before I know it, I’ll be buying my tickets, entering the hall, checking out cards and in general enjoying the experience. Right now card dealers from across the nation are coming to San

Please! No Bullying!

I remember my first experience with bullying. It was in the 8th grade. There was a big kid in gym who would punch the smaller kids when the teacher wasn’t looking. I remember not liking it and wishing I could do something to make it stop, but back then there

Why I Like The St. Louis Cardinals

I’ve had a soft spot in my heart for the St. Louis Cardinals since 1962. The years come and go and the eras change, yet somehow the Cardinals always seem to be at or near the top of their division. It’s always nice to follow a winner, but that’s not

Glancing Back & Looking Ahead

It’s been a busy week here at Grubby Glove. I published three blog posts, Baseball Card Pack Choices, the logical conclusion to a recent shopping trip, Topps Tries Alliteration & So Do I, where I gave my imagination full sway, and Postcard Fun, in which a postcard served as the

Postcard Fun

I went to a postcard show a short time ago and came away with a real beauty, a late 1930’s view of Wrigley Field, printed with the linen finish that was so popular back in the day. This stadium is the real deal, a survivor of over one hundred years