A Baseball Fan’s Super Bowl Sunday

I’m a baseball guy to the core, so the fact that today was Super Bowl XLVI held no real significance to me. But what to do on a day when everyone is inside watching football? Why, go out, of course. I hopped a cross-town bus and headed for the Marina

San Francisco Giants Fanfest

A massive throng of orange and black poured into AT&T Park earlier today, with all attendees intent on enjoying the Giants 2012 Fanfest. They weren’t disappointed, because the team planned this event to perfection, with activities spread across the stadium from one end to the other. Whether one milled about on the

Josh Hamilton Struggles Again

In Alcoholics Anonymous, when a member of the fellowship takes a drink, it is called a SLIP, an acronym that means “Sobriety Loses Its Priority.” This is a time of danger for anyone who suffers from this illness. When alcoholics drink, they can end up anywhere, including another city, a

Baseball Card Sets – 1963 Topps

There’s a lot to like about the 1963 Topps set. The colors combine to produce a cheery, uptempo feel, and the patina has worn well. There is a dominant image and a different, smaller one in a circular inset. The player’s name, team and position are easy to read. The

First Power Rankings Of 2012

I recently listened to the January 31st edition of ESPN’s Baseball Today podcast, which ranks high on my list of baseball-related activities, especially during the season when it’s on Monday through Friday. At the top of the show, co-hosts Eric Karabell and Mark Simon said they would give their first

Oakland A’s Fanfest

I recently enjoyed a bright, shiny and optimistic Sunday with thousands of Oakland A’s fans who participated in the organization’s 2012 Fanfest. I had a terrific time, rubbed elbows with two of the most popular members of the Oakland baseball community, heard some interesting team news, listened to some frustrated

Honorary 1962 New York Mets – Ray Lankford

Ladies and Gentlemen, say hello to Ray Lankford, a center fielder who played fourteen major-league seasons, almost all of them with the St. Louis Cardinals. He was a force who could steal a base, hit for a high average, hit for power, take a walk, and both ignite or prolong a


Baseball Card Sets – 1972 Topps

Every year Topps Baseball Cards changes their design. My baseball card collection covers ninety-five years, so each time I review my cards it’s like flipping through a massive Rolodex of colors, graphics, designs, paper stocks and styles. With this post I’m introducing a new category: Baseball Card Sets. I’m going

More Bud = More Boredom

Early reports have surfaced indicating that Commissioner of Major League Baseball (MLB) Bud Selig will be offered a two-year contract extension that will prolong his reign through the 2014 season. The offer will be made after MLB team owners approve it while they are meeting this week in Scottsdale, Arizona.


What’s Wrong With This Card Solved – Sammy Drake

The problems with Sammy Drake’s 1962 Topps card have been identified. Jimmy, our first respondent, recognized there was a problem with the batting record on the back of the card. The top, or “YEAR” row, gives Drake’s statistics for the 1961 season, when he played for Houston, which at the