My 2017 All Star Game Choices

Fans of Major League Baseball have been voting for the players they want to see in this year’s All Star Game for the past several months, and this past Sunday the starting lineups (and reserves) for the annual tilt, which this year will be held in Miami on Tuesday, July

Checking In With Soosh…

After growing up as a Mets fan in New York City, Soosh moved to the San Francisco Bay Area in 2004 to attend Cal Berkeley and stayed in the area after he got his degree. He’s still there, working for a tech company, and is still a Mets fan. “I 

Baseball Card Shopping Fun

My experience at the Serramonte Shopping Center’s baseball card show over the past weekend was a dazzling success. I’ve gone to this regularly scheduled show on numerous occasions and know in advance which card dealers I want to see. I always make Craig’s tables my first stop. Why?


Rough Weekend For The Yankees… And Me!

Weekends like this one are a lot like those periodic bad hands you get when you’re playing cards. You play it as best you can, all the while thinking the deck’s got it in for you, then tuck the memory into your rear view mirror and get on with it.

What’s Wrong With This Card Solved – Lucas Duda

Well that didn’t take long, and it’s not surprising that several fans of the New York Mets were the teammates who quickly responded to my last post asking what was wrong with the 2017 Topps Lucas Duda card. And what did they say was wrong?

What’s Wrong With This Card – Lucas Duda

The 2017 Topps design, with its bold angular base, diagonal team logos and sharp photography, has grown on me. It’s always nice to see Lucas Duda on a baseball card, too. He’s worked very hard to become a serviceable first baseman. He’s put up some serious power numbers, hitting 30


I Found A Card For The Spahn Guy!

I’m in a bunch of Facebook baseball card trading groups. These groups are often made up of many of the same people, so I decided some time ago to stick primarily to one that calls itself Cardboard Obsession. It’s a closed group and you need a proven track record of

Topps Now

Last season Topps started a new service that has caught on with a small segment of the collecting community. Significant on-field player accomplishments are captured on a baseball card that is available on line at the Topps website for twenty-four hours only. Topps then prints the exact number ordered for


You OUT! The 1979 Oakland Athletics

From time to time a combination of factors conspire to undermine a team’s play. Poor hitting. Sloppy fielding. Weak pitching. Minimal support from ownership. Such was the case for the 1979 Oakland A’s.


Checking In With Julio

When we last checked in with our teammate Julio, he was living in the San Francisco Bay Area and rooting for the Oakland A’s. Although he still pulls for the A’s, he’s now a Pirates fan. How did that happen? I’ll let Julio explain: