Please! No Bullying!

I remember my first experience with bullying. It was in the 8th grade. There was a big kid in gym who would punch the smaller kids when the teacher wasn’t looking. I remember not liking it and wishing I could do something to make it stop, but back then there

Why I Like The St. Louis Cardinals

I’ve had a soft spot in my heart for the St. Louis Cardinals since 1962. The years come and go and the eras change, yet somehow the Cardinals always seem to be at or near the top of their division. It’s always nice to follow a winner, but that’s not

Glancing Back & Looking Ahead

It’s been a busy week here at Grubby Glove. I published three blog posts, Baseball Card Pack Choices, the logical conclusion to a recent shopping trip, Topps Tries Alliteration & So Do I, where I gave my imagination full sway, and Postcard Fun, in which a postcard served as the

Postcard Fun

I went to a postcard show a short time ago and came away with a real beauty, a late 1930’s view of Wrigley Field, printed with the linen finish that was so popular back in the day. This stadium is the real deal, a survivor of over one hundred years

Topps Takes A Swing At Alliteration, And So Do I

When I was a young collector, Topps issued cards that featured teammates with titles like Buc Blasters, Tiger Twirlers, Tribe Thumpers, Sox Sockers and the like. I remember hoarding them because they had a team’s best players on the same card. These cards, along with stars like Mays, Mantle, Killebrew

Baseball Card Pack Choices

I recently went to a local shopping center with the goal of buying one of each type of 2017 Topps packs that I could find. I was curious about the varying baseball card delivery systems that Topps has devised, what each one cost, what types of cards they contained and


The Boston Red Sox

When I look at a team’s chances, I usually start with the pitchers and then work my way out. Not so with this edition of the Boston Red Sox. Without taking anything away from the pitching staff, which looks good, I’m going to kick things off with the outfield, and

The San Francisco Giants

The San Francisco Giants once possessed a balance and depth that rhythmically proclaimed the sum was greater than the number of its parts. But the solid foundation that enabled this squad to win World Championships in 2010, 2012 and 2014 has developed a few cracks. The Giants will still be

The Cleveland Indians

The Cleveland Indians are loaded. They’ve got outstanding starting pitching, a lights out closer, an air-tight defense, a potent attack with plenty of power, speed on the bases and a brilliant Manager with a winning track record. No wonder they took the Chicago Cubs into extra innings in Game 7

Baseball Cards 103: Parallels

A parallel baseball card is the same as its base card counterpart in all ways but one, its border. Parallels are made in much smaller quantities than base cards and are more valuable, hence more expensive, to the collectors who seek them. The parallel cards that I’m most familiar with