Baseball Card Shopping Fun

My experience at the Serramonte Shopping Center’s baseball card show over the past weekend was a dazzling success. I’ve gone to this regularly scheduled show on numerous occasions and know in advance which card dealers I want to see. I always make Craig’s tables my first stop. Why? Craig combines an outgoing personality, a sharp knowledge of baseball cards, a keen day to day interest in the game with a display that features something in every price bracket. Whether you’re nine years old, or a veteran shopper like me, Craig has you covered.

For starters, Craig’s cards are well organized.¬†At the lower end of the scale are the five cards for a dollar boxes. Star cards are sorted by team, with each team represented in alphabetical order, from the Astros to the Yankees. These cards are $1 each, and if you buy more than twenty cards, the price gets lower. Next are the superstar and limited issue cards in another section for $5 each. The most expensive cards are in another section, so if you want a Babe Ruth or a Mickey Mantle card, this is the place for you.

Serramonte is a very busy, dynamic place that always appears to be in a state of expansion. This past weekend was the first time, however, that construction impacted the experience. I noticed that Craig’s display seemed cramped when compared to previous occasions, and he said that between the construction and the need for emergency exit lanes his space was narrower than usual. Here’s how it looked on Saturday, and yes, that’s Craig in the middle:

I found something for everyone on my list. Let’s start with my trading pal Clint, a Royals fan. Here are some of the cards I found for him:

Of all my card trading pals, I believe I’ve been trading with Mike the longest. He’s a fan of the Boston Red Sox. I found a bunch of cards which are going to be nice additions to his collection, and here are a few of them:

I’ve never met these friends in person, yet somehow it feels like I have a strong connection with them. Among this group Wanda is one of my very favorites. She’s a highly skilled crocheter and makes the most amazing blankets, which she displays from time to time on her Facebook page. Wanda is a Mets fan who also has a great appreciation for some of the players on the other teams, so for her I find Mets and a few other non-Mets stars that she favors. Here are some of the cards I found for her:

Lately I’ve noticed a lot of Braves collectors on the Cardboard Obsession Facebook page, which to me represents an opportunity to connect with other traders, so I decided to grab some of their players’ cards. Here’s some of them:

No baseball card shopping experience is complete without looking for some treats for “the Spahn guy,” otherwise known as Scott P. I found a couple of Spahn cards which will make their way into his personal collection:

Last, but not least, I found several cards for myself. I found four cards from a Chrome Insert set that I’ve been working on lately. Here they are:

And there you have it. For this show, at least, Craig’s spot was the main and only attraction. I found everything I was hoping to find right there. Atta boy, Craig!

Up next, I’ll return to my Fans category and introduce you to Soosh, a San Francisco Bay Area Mets Fan. In the hole is a post with my All Star selections. Also coming to the plate is the 2017 Baseball Uniform Fashion Review, with judging by a panel of experts, and a post about this year’s Card # 217. Why # 217? Stay tuned and you’ll find out! Until then, enjoy the season, and good luck to your team.


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  1. betsyross27 says:

    What a visual treat! Seeing all those players through the years, the teams and the
    styles of cards was lots of fun. A very lively post that I enjoyed a lot. Thanks, Grubby.

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