What’s Wrong With This Card Solved – Lucas Duda

Well that didn’t take long, and it’s not surprising that several fans of the New York Mets were the teammates who quickly responded to my last post asking what was wrong with the 2017 Topps Lucas Duda card. And what did they say was wrong?

Quite simply, that’s NOT Lucas Duda on the card. It’s Eric “Soup” Campbell!

Wanda Metsfan was the first to correctly solve the riddle, with Mets Musings host Gary Mack right behind.

Campbell was very popular with Mets fans, who would joyfully shout SOUP! whenever he strode to the plate. After a moderately successful rookie season in 2014, pitchers found ways to scald Soup, starving him with a varied menu of inside and tight, or soft and away. Just look at these numbers:

2014   .263 batting average

2015   .197 batting average

2016   .173 batting average

That’s the type of performance that can take the “big” out of “leaguer.” Soup is now playing baseball in Japan for the Hanshin Tigers.

Topps did not bring out another card correcting the error card, so the 2017 Topps, Series 1 Lucas Duda card will feature Soup Campbell for perpetuity.

Mets fans like our Grubby Glove teammate Wanda don’t seem to mind. After all, it’s another look at Soup in a Mets uniform:

Until next time, be sure to eat healthy!



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