What’s Wrong With This Card – Lucas Duda

The 2017 Topps design, with its bold angular base, diagonal team logos and sharp photography, has grown on me. It’s always nice to see Lucas Duda on a baseball card, too. He’s worked very hard to become a serviceable first baseman. He’s put up some serious power numbers, hitting 30 home runs in 2014 and 27 home runs in 2015. Injuries plagued his 2016 season and have held him out of the lineup for most of 2017, but the power is still there. This is a nice card. But what’s wrong with it?

I’m tempted to say nothing, and I did at first. Then I took a closer look at the card, and whoa! Something is clearly out of order. MLB Properties has given Topps a monopoly on the use of team names and logos through the year 2020, so they’ve got to be better than this. Right?

Any ideas? Please let me know. Thanks!


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