2013 BBA Post Season Awards.

Every year, members of the Baseball Bloggers Alliance vote for their organization’s post season awards. As a baseball fan with a great deal of respect for its history and traditions, I’ve put a lot of time, energy and thought into the selection process, and have something to say about everyone, with the

Our Bryan Stow Events Plans

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Longing For The Days Of The Asterisk

I’m old enough to remember the asterisk, that provocative symbol that was a big part of the baseball world during the summer of 1961, when it became clear that Roger Maris had a very real chance of breaking Babe Ruth’s long-standing record of 60 homers per season. As Maris came

Topps Issues Some Awesome Cards

We’ve been so busy with a variety of projects that we haven’t published a post in over a month! Where does the time go? In the time we’ve been gone, a great many things have unfolded in the world of baseball. One of them concerns baseball cards, one of our

Let The Wall Win, Bam Bam

The photo you see on the left was taken when Washington Nationals wunderkind Bryce Harper ran into this outfield wall at full gallop in an attempt to catch a fly ball. I’d tell you he hit the wall hard, but that would do an injustice to how Harper plays baseball,


Bryan Stow Event Plans Come Into Sharper Focus

That wise baseball sage, Yogi Berra, once suggested that when you’re at a fork in the road, to take it. We love Yogi here at Grubby Glove, and we usually follow his advice to the letter. We see no reason to deviate here, so for now, we’re going to pursue

My Game At Chase Field

It looks big as you approach it, as I did on a late Sunday morning not too long ago. My first look revealed what appeared to be a large rectangle topped by an immense, half moon made of steel. I knew I was about to experience something completely different from


A Week In Phoenix Is Yielding Results

My two older sisters live in the suburbs of Phoenix, which explains why its so easy for me to see as many Spring Training and Arizona Fall League Games as I do. The Phoenix area is ringed with superb baseball facilities and stadiums, and the sisters live near many of

Planning A Fundraiser For Bryan Stow

I’m lucky. I’m surrounded by a cadre of kind-hearted baseball fans here in the San Francisco Bay Area who care deeply for and are supportive of Bryan Stow, the San Francisco Giants fan who was beaten on Opening Night 2011 in a dimly lit, remote Dodger Stadium parking lot. A

National League ~ 2013 Predictions

It will be fun to see how the National League teams shake out in the upcoming season. There are a number of compelling stories that will unfold, an opportunity for a team to settle a score with an old foe and a chance to see whether those teams that set