The San Francisco Giants

The San Francisco Giants once possessed a balance and depth that rhythmically proclaimed the sum was greater than the number of its parts. But the solid foundation that enabled this squad to win World Championships in 2010, 2012 and 2014 has developed a few cracks. The Giants will still be

The Cleveland Indians

The Cleveland Indians are loaded. They’ve got outstanding starting pitching, a lights out closer, an air-tight defense, a potent attack with plenty of power, speed on the bases and a brilliant Manager with a winning track record. No wonder they took the Chicago Cubs into extra innings in Game 7

Baseball Cards 103: Parallels

A parallel baseball card is the same as its base card counterpart in all ways but one, its border. Parallels are made in much smaller quantities than base cards and are more valuable, hence more expensive, to the collectors who seek them. The parallel cards that I’m most familiar with


Baseball Cards 102: Insert Cards

The first time I remember receiving an insert card in a baseball card wax pack was in 1965. That was the year I bought my first box of cards. I remember instantly disliking them and thinking they were the ugliest cards I ever saw. And they were, at least until


Baseball Cards 101: Topps

Topps is the General Motors of the baseball card business. Just like General Motors produces cars and trucks under a variety of brands, such as Cadillac, Chevrolet, GMC and Buick, so too does Topps with its baseball cards. The number of brands that Topps issues is dizzying, and I frequently


Timmy… Please Don’t!

Not too long ago I read a post in SB Nation that stated Tim Lincecum wanted to continue pitching in the major leagues. In order to do so he was working out with the goal of holding a showcase for any teams that might be interested in signing him. A


Where’s Grubby Glove? Here I Am!

A short time ago one of my baseball cronies asked me where Grubby Glove had been hiding, and I must confess, he had a valid question. When I gave the question some thought, I realized I’ve been in plain sight, albeit in a related arena, all along. My off-season, baseball


Welcome To The Off Season

And so it begins, that annual hiatus we baseball fans call the off-season. It brings with it the all-encompassing question, “now what?” A lot of people shift gears to football, basketball or ice hockey. Not me. I’m a baseball guy to the core and nothing else will do. And I’m

Recalling Game 6 ~ Lots Of Them!

As I sit down to write this post tonight’s World Series Game 6 between the St. Louis Cardinals and the Boston Red Sox is just getting underway. Boston pitcher John Lackey has retired the side in the top of the first without incident. Cardinals rookie Michael Wacha has taken the

The 2013 Fall Classic Is Here!

I’m excited about the upcoming World Series for a variety of reasons. It features the St. Louis Cardinals of the National League versus the American League’s Boston Red Sox, and I like both teams. There are great pitchers, outstanding relievers, long-ball hitters, well-schooled managers and rabid fan bases, so all