What’s Wrong With This Card – Bill Terry

This is one of my favorite cards from a 108-card set issued by the National Chicle Company between 1934 and 1936. These cards, called Diamond Stars, featured vibrant colors and a variety of backgrounds that included other players in action, cityscapes, banners flapping in the wind, as well as the

Honorary 1962 New York Mets – The Colorado Rockies

Afer the game they rested. Three cheers for the… no, make that two cheers… no, let’s make it ONE cheer for the Colorado Rockies, who by winning yesterday at Denver’s Coors Field ended their somewhat dubious record of losing baseball games on seventeen consecutive Sundays. I’m sure that’s a relief

It’s A First!

When the New York Yankees played the Minnesota Twins today it was the first time in baseball history that two players with 600 home runs and one player with 3,000 hits appeared in the same game. That’s notable and the team here at Grubby Glove wanted to bring it to

Honorary 1962 New York Mets – Chris Davis

In a recent game, Chris Davis played 3rd base and batted sixth for the Texas Rangers. In the lopsided contest the Rangers beat the Minnesota Twins by a score of 20 to 6. That’s a winning margin of fourteen runs. The Rangers got more hits and scored more runs in


Tony Cloninger

I want to wish former major league pitcher Tony Cloninger, born seventy-one years ago today, the happiest of birthdays. Tony Cloninger pitched for three teams during his twelve-year career, and enjoyed his greatest success while playing for the Braves. He is a member of a very exclusive baseball fraternity: successful

Hitting For The Cycle – Part 3

In this, the shortest and last of my three-part series on hitting for the cycle, I want to recognize the four teammates on the Oakland Athletics whose combined efforts on July 28, 2011, resulted in a natural one. Here they are: First, Hideki Matsui singled Next, Josh Willingham doubled David

Hitting For The Cycle – Part 2

In this, the second of a three-part series, I will define a “natural cycle” and highlight a few of the players who have hit them. Natural cycles occur when the player hits the single first, the double second, the triple third and the home run last. My research revealed this has been

Hitting For The Cycle – Part 1

This is the first of a three-part post on hitting for the cycle, which occurs when a batter hits a single, double, triple and home run in the same game. The hits do not need to occur in this sequence, and in fact rarely do. From 2006 to 2010, an

Progress Report # 1

In late March I invited a group of friends to voice their opinions on a series of predictions pertaining to the San Francisco Giants current baseball season. This took the form of responding to a series of statements with one of three opinions, “under,” “the same” or “over.” As we

Prince Fielder

I watch a lot of San Francisco Giants games. I was watching one on Sunday, September 6, 2009 when this scene unfolded. The game featured two teams going in opposite directions. The Giants, in the midst of a resurgent season in which they put the baseball world on notice that